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Kimchi Adventures 33 - Aegyo…….^^

HELLO!!! I’m back to finally update more things about korean culture =) WOOP WOOP!! I hope you like this one just as much as you liked the relationship one and the one about a man’s stress =) hahaha

Today’s TOPIC:

You’re probably wondering what this is all about..well let me tell you =) hahahaha Aegyo is when a younger girl/guy wants something so they start to act cute to get what they want… from their “OPPA/NUNA” if you remember those phrases those are the names you call someone who’s older than you usually…so let me give you an example

Guy: oooook lets goo


Guy: NUNNNAAA buy me rice..pleaaaaaaaase?
Girl: ok lets goo

SO if you act AEGYO it like I guess softens their heart and they’ll buy you food or can use it on your boyfriend/girlfriend or your brother/sister as well as between friends……………………………yes…so really its


To be honest…ahhahaa I HAAAAAAAAAATEEE that LOL!! I shiver in discomfort and fear and I just get SO ANNOYED when I hear girls especially say that to their friends or SERIOUSLY? can’t you just ask?! withouth having to ACT CUTE or TRY?! when it CLEARLY doesn’t work..or it sounds SOOOOOOOOOOOO ANNOYING..gah i realized that that is actually one of my pet peeves..when they TRY to act cute to get what they want..I mean WE all do that sometimes like for certain if a friend is on the way to buy coffee then you ask cutely and kindly if they could bring you back one..=) things like that..but they do it ALL THE TIMEEEEEEEEEe..GAH!!! @__@..

However to Koreans its cute..and I guess you do get what you want…so they told me that I should try and do that that I could get free food..BUT WHY WOULD I HAVE TO GO THROUGH ALL THAT TROUBLE and DEGRADE MYSELF to that LEVEL to act AEGYO?! nope..I’m not doing that..>=( not even for free food..i got my own moneyy foooo LOL!!! I’m kidding..but yea they asked me to do that and my first reaction was “OH HELL NO” ahaha literally…I don’t like if you ever watch korean dramas..or variety shows..when celebrities act “aegyo” haha thats usually what they refer too..and if they act all cute..then that is called “aegyo” =)

HAHAHA I hope you like this post =)..I’ll be back with more!

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