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Kimchi Adventures 36 - Kpop Concert Etiquette =P

ALRIGHT!!! I HAVE BEEN TO 4 Korean Concerts….and THEY ARE VERY DIFFERENT from the western Concerts…hahahahaha so IF YOU EVER want to attend a Kpop Concert…read this and you’ll be HAPPY YOU DID!! =)


Like Most concerts that you go MUST know the songs if you don’t know..well then you’re gonna be missing out..THOUGH I DONT KNOW KOREAN well..but I do know the english parts as well as some of the korean parts as well..=D so LISTEN TO KPOP SONGS BEFORE YOU ATTEND THE CONCERT to get a better feel of it..=)

2. Know some of the dance moves ;)

ITS NOT REQUIRED hahaha but sometimes in some of the concerts artists have their distinct moves that fans do as when the artists use that dance move the fans will do it too…such as 2ne1’s “I don’t care” finger movement in the chorus or Big Bang’s “Baby Baby” with the hand motion on both sides hahahaha to the air…LOL things like that if you don’t know it you’ll kinda feel like an idiot LOL, cause ALL THE FANS do that when they sing those songs =)

3. Always buy a glowstick

I don’t care if you have to spend some money..but PLEASE that GLOWSTICK is your BEST FRIEND..hahahaha and also your concert souvenir..MOST fans have the glowstick and we wave it around to the beat during the concert..=D hahahhaa and its actually REALLY COOL when the whole concert arena is dark and its the glowsticks waving around and if you don’t have wouldn’t feel right..

5. Don’t be greedy when buying tickets

When you want to purchase tickets for an IDOL concert on Gmarket or interpark..don’t be greedy and try to get front seat tickets..cause 90% of the time you won’t get those tickets unless you got fast internet, computer, and hands.  Instead PICK for the seats that NO ONE would usually go for first, and be CONTENT WITH GOING TO THESE CONCERTS..because IDOL CONCERTS sell out in less than 5 for you to even GET THE TICKETS is already a miracle in itself…=) And the max I could usually get is 2 tickets..if you can get 4 tickets than more power to you..but it is VERY VERY DIFFICULT

6. HIDE your CAMERAS in your clothes pockets

Don’t wanna get your cameras confiscated?! just put them in your pant or sweater pockets..YG Family and many other IDOL CONCERTS are anal when it comes to cameras..SO they ALWAYS check your bags..I got checked twice this time..but guess what they don’t CHECK? your if you can…hide your CAMERA in your pockets and you’ll be able to sneak in some pictures and videos..but don’t use FLASH if you do..they’ll have you delete whatever you took…and they’ll WATCH YOU delete it…its happened to me me

7. Bring a poster if you want =)

MANY FANS bring posters to the concert..and if you make a cool poster with a cool sign especially for international fans who are there..they LOVE foreigners who are fans so if you make signs with things like that you can be on CAMERA ^^ woo!! =) and you’ll be noticed….

8. Get there a bit early..

If you want to buy merchandise or other goodies from the artist go there early to line up..and then figure out where you need to line up to get in…its always good to go there early and try to figure things out and wait it out instead of rushing and not knowing where to go ^^


Fans all around..if they love something and are a fan of something or someone..they will have a chant for it..AND SO IDOL STARS have these fan when you hear them should try and listen and go along with it hahahaha..XD its crazy cool!! and you’ll be like WHAA how do they come up with these chants?! I have no idea..O_O hahaha but yea go along with it and chant with them ^^

10. Finally..ENJOY the concert

Yes..sometimes taking pictures and videos are good but soak in and feel the moment that you’re ACTUALLY THERE AT AN IDOL CONCERT..=) and sing with the artists and if you have a chance give them a high five hahahaha when they are going around and meeting fans ;)

I hope you like this critical information..if anyone wants to know on how to actually purchase tickets to concerts..feel free to message me ^^..and no I’m not korean..I BARELY knew how to first purchase tickets on a korean website..but with my friend’s help I was able to figure it out in a matter of if you need help let me know!! =)

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